You are on your way to Initial Training at RAF Halton.

And well done you (or Mum!) for sorting out the kit list.  What a task!

We hope to help you out a bit as we have done the shopping for you.  On this site are some of the things on the list.  All you need to do is select the items you need and we will post them to you as soon as possible. Considering the time you would spend trawling the internet or shopping around to find these items plus car parking and petrol we believe this is a pretty good deal.

We have checked out all the products we sell and can vouch for the quality. 

You might think it a little odd coming to an iron on labels website for kit but we have been supplying RAF recruits with labels for 15 years and after talking to a number of exasperated mums we have branched out and adapted this site for the kit list.  We hope it helps. If it does, please spread the word to the other recruits.

Oh! and finally as a little extra.  If you spend over £30.00 and you purchase some RAF name tags, we will give you some free stick on labels printed with your name and the last three digits of your service number (if you have it).  Then not only can you label your uniform with the sew on or iron on labels, you can also label all the items you buy here that may go walkabout.

Good look with your new career.